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The best Antivirus detects 90% of malware. That means that you will be infected after exposure to only 10 pieces of malware. Heurustic Antivirus is even worse at 60-70% detection.

Source: Information Security Magazine,

Website News
Site Update                      06/29/2009
Chicago, IL: Network Sentry, Chicago's most trusted computer and network security consultants, lauched its new customer focused website this month. The website is better positioned to showcase the numerous services offered by the company.  Furthermore, it highlights the fact that the company hires SANS GIAC certified professionals.
Client Pack Three
Threat Awareness
We provide scheduled and emergency vulnerability notifications. Furthermore, we provide mitigation advice to allow you to mitigate threats quickly.        Chicago network consultant antivirus
Client Pack Two
Firewall Management
We provide management of your firewalls. This package includes a set number of changes per month for rules and VPNs.                                  Chicago network security monitoring
Client Pack One
Security Monitoring
Security data from firewalls, IDSes and host logs are collected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reviewed daily while alerts are sent out in realtime.   Chicago network security consultant - monitoring
"Google reported our website as hosting malicious software and displayed a warning page for all visitors who came via Google. Our traffic immediately took a hit. Network Sentry worked with Google to remove the warnings and resume traffic volume back to normal levels. All during the same day!"
Why we're Unique
Chicago firewall We are unique for several reasons. First, we will NEVER walk way from something unfinished. Second, we never engage in any assignment until both parties are clear on the work to be done and a verification checklist has been outlined. Finally, we NEVER make our clients pay for us to learn. If we are not up to speed on a topic and it requires several hours of research, those hours are not charged back to you.
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